To School or Not to School

Oh, I have had the hardest time deciding what to do about preschool for Jack. The school question in general causes much angst. There aren’t many great options around here and most of our friends homeschool (which I am open to but not very excited about).

The main thing we want for him is socialization with other kiddos and the chance to learn more Kurdish. We have some friends who have had their kids in a local but private nursery/preschool and liked it so we decided to try that one.


We took him for the first time on Monday, he did not want to stay. He was crying and grabbing onto the door frame, one of the teachers had to carry him off. I felt so bad for the teachers but the woman downstairs said it was like that for almost every kid.

There was no paperwork or anything, but I felt weird leaving without a way for them to get in touch with us, you know, just in case. I asked her if I could write down our number and she gave me their card, so I said again in Kurdish “no, my number, in case you need to call us.” She gave me a sticky note.

He came home upset that we had left him there but cheered up when we took him for ice cream to celebrate.

So today is Wednesday and I tried to take him again. Even with the promise of chocolate and ice cream he didn’t want to go. He told me he was too sick, too tired, laid on the floor, wouldn’t put on his shoes and then cried all the way to the car. We got there and he cried all the way to the gate, which was locked. The tears suddenly stopped when I said “well I guess you aren’t going to school today” And would you believe what he said to me… “but I want to go to school”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Turns out it was some government holiday today. We obviously haven’t been going to the school long enough to be aware of the schedule. We should probably try again tomorrow…. maybe =’0


About Cayla

If you are here, you probably already know us. We live in Iraq and this blog is my way of sharing our life with friends and family who are far away. Enjoy our stories and please leave comments, I miss you guys!

3 responses to “To School or Not to School

  1. Cayla, Sounds like you have a handle on the situation. First of all I will say to trust your instincts. I am of the opinion that regular school is preferred over homeschool. Mostly because he will have more exposure to many other children with many other ideas and perhaps more interesting to him than “Mom” after he is acclimated. One of the very most important is learning to share tangibles and feelings.No matter how much you love him he would not get all of these benefits at home as much as he would with peer pressure . It is a given that all of us respond to many stimuli offered by others. We as Moms simply cannot provide the many different forms of interactions he will receive from his peers This is simply my thoughts Remember that you and Matt know your son and your knowledge of his best interest is more valuable than anyone’s! Praying for your discernment!! Hugs 🤗 KAT


  2. Marsha Allen

    Oh my goodness… funny is that!! Kids………hope it all works out well for you & Jack!


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